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About Bar 5

Bar 5 Stock Farms Ltd. , Markdale , Ontario , Canada -- Head Office

Bar 5 was originally located 40 miles south of Brandon, Manitoba, Bar 5 moved to Douglas, Manitoba in 1974, just 20 miles east of Brandon. In the fall of 2001, Bar 5 moved to Markdale, Ontario; 2,000 kms to the east.

Bar 5 has a long history of Spring bull sales, holding a Spring Production Sale every year since 1974, called Spring Spectacular, and holds this Annual Bull & Female Production Sale, the first Saturday of April in the Bar 5 Sale Barn in Markdale , Ontario. High sellers have been Bar 5 SA Mr Optimal 447L, at $52,000, Bar 5 SA Evan 440L for $20,750, and Bar 5 SA Lady Siska 804L for $22,000, and Bar 5 SA Lady Siska 442L for $32,000. Haped X Elsa daughters sold for $54,000, $49,000 for a female average of over $20,000 CAD. Our Genetic line method of breeding is “production designed” for superior results. Bar 5 initiated Fall sales in 1986, and have held Fall Sales, since that time at various times. In November 2005, Bar 5 started the Extravaganza Sales series, focusing on "Maternal Dam Lines" & "Cow Families". Our final sale is held on the first Sunday of October

CSA #765 ASA #51139 So. Africa Society #544252
International Tattoo: CO
Prefix: Bar 5

Bar 5 SA Simmentaler Stoet
Colesberg , Northern Cape, Republic of South Africa -- Donor Farm
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Bar 5 SA, a member of the Simmentaler Society of Southern Africa is located in Colesberg - the centre of the country.
So. Africa Society
Abraham Kruger
Phone: 051-753-1332
Cell: 082-854-4139

We have formalized our farms and the SA farm will be a stand alone operation, and a complete operating Simmentaler breeding stud. We have purchased more cows and use various bull for AI & natural breeding. The SA breeding stud produces embryos for transplant in Canada , & breeding cattle for sale via public auction in South Africa .

Located in the Karoo desert in the centre of the country – If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere !! Our cattle are tough & able to survive the harsh conditions in Canada , Brazil, & other extreme regions. Bar 5 rugged !!

Bar 5 Stock Farms Ltd. - Angus & Red

Bar 5 has initiated a Red Angus & Angus program to develop a pool of Maternal Performance oriented Registered cattle to produce ½ Simm replacement cows for our commercial herd, and we have decided on Angus & Red Angus as the other 1/2. We run 200 commercial cows and we have initiated the production of 1/2 bloods of our own.
Canadian Angus Member #5250351
American Red Angus Member #74007
Angus Tattoo: COAR
Prefix: Bar 5


Circle 3 Genetics – SA Simmentaler, Fleckvieh, Original &Red Angus

Circle 3 Genetics is a division of Bar 5 Stock Farms. Selling frozen embryos and semen out of Bar 5 produced animals with 40 countries. Contacts and bulls listed Circle 3 initiated on January 1, 1994 to market bulls for Bar 5 customers & rare bulls Bar 5 does not keep exclusive.

Circle 3's mission is to protect old genetics and be on the leading edge of the new to deliver elite, affordable breeding stock to the livestock industry.

Overview of Bar 5 Operations

Bar 5 has a herd of Fullblood Simmental Cows, some Purebred Simmental cows, Red Angus cows and Black Angus on the Markdale property, and 200 commercial cows which produce the ET calves and the crossbred SimmAngus.
Our herdbulls are SA, SR, SB & AR for the Breeding herds, and Maternal Crossbreeding system. The Bar 5 SA bulls that we have are a result of Bar 5 reserving the right to select one bull born each calendar year for exclusive Bar 5 use.

Designed Maternal Crossbreeding System

Rule 1 – ELITE for PURE genes !!!  Hybrids for Production of Beef !!!!     We believe in the production of half blood bulls, for the production of HYBRID & STABILIZED breeding bulls for THE PRODUCTION OF END GOAL BREEDING STOCK; they are not for the Production of Seedstock Bulls or in anyway meant to replace Elite Genetics;

Rule 2 – F- 1 >> our half blood bulls ( hybrid ) are by fullblooded parents ..  pure hybrid vigour.

Rule 3 – ONLY THE BEST !!!Superior Animals to enter the Hybrid Program:  Although many half blood bulls are an excuse for breeders with bad cattle to try a new twist to cover up poor cattle which is usually an indication to run from the guys with bad straight cattle ..   ….but from superior animals ..      The hybrid vigour factor only is 10 per cent kick above the average of the parents..  Below average parents will still produce below average “half blood hybrid vigour kicked up” below average progeny ..

Rule 4 – IT AIN'T EASY !!!    Hybrid is a 2 breed cross, and a Stabilizer is 3 or more ...  It is harder to breed a bull that will attain only the best qualities of both sides .. One must have a deep understanding of two or more breeds .. When most barely understand one breed, so automatically most folks doing this are really challenged.. Very few can master this game .. ..  We are using volume as a help !!  More to choose from !!   But we are using the best fleck, red angus and angus to build our hybrids and add in some great Gelbvieh for the stabilizer mix ...

Rule 5 – KEEP THE EYE ON THE PURE GENES !!!    Our parents or grand parents are to be fullbloods ...  After that it is based upon sheer quality and progeny proofs ...  It is becoming a universal standard that hybrids are from two fullblooded parents .. And stabilizers are from 4 diff breed fullblooded grandparents ... ..  Our FleckAngus hybrids and FleckGelbAngus Stabilizers have fullblooded parents or at the very least fullblooded grandparents ...  to keep the percentage calculations simple in complex “ CrossBreeding “ schemes, pure parents are needed !!!    

Rule 6 – ITS ALL ABOUT HEAIDNG TO THE BALANCE OR END GOAL !!!  Our goal is to drice our commercial production to the half !!   Half Fleckvieh and Half Angus !!!   ..  your end goal could be different ..  Use a bull that drives you to your desired production level..   ..  We produce Angus & Simmental hybrids in a 5/8, 3/4 , 7/8 and 15/16 range as well ..  take aim at your end goal and MATCH the Bull to your Cows to produce the end goal calves !!!    if you got 7/8 Angus cows, let out a 7/8 Simmental bull to drive to the half.     if you got pure Angus cows, let out a pure Fleckvieh bull to drive to the half !!!!     ..  if your end goal is ¾ use a Full bull on your half cows , for example.

Bar 5 Selection Methods & Certified Genetics Program

The Bar 5 Selection & Genetics Program is about discipline. Our simple 1-2-3 Selection & Certified Genetics Program has been developed by years of study and knowledge of pedigrees, physical measurement and EPD tools.

  1. Genetics – Sire & Maternal Lines
  2. Physical Assessment – EOT
  3. Genetic Evaluations – EPDs

We use a system to make Breeding Decisions, by applying Breeding Aims & Targets to the "Process of Genetic Advancement" with three factors.

Bar 5 Invitational Multi-Breed Bull Test Station

Bar 5 Invitational Multi-Breed Bull Test Station delivery date receives the Fall Test Group on September 1. The test will start and will run the 112 day test with a Start of test (SOT) from September 15 to End of Test ( EOT ) of February 10 when they will be scanned, weighed, testes measured and frame scored by an independent veterinarian from BIO – Beef Improvement Services Inc. www.biobeef.com   
The Test group consists of the Maternal Breeds ( Fleckvieh, Red Angus, Angus, & Simmental ) and Hybrids and Composites of these breeds; FleckAngus, and SimmAngus.


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