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Red Champlain Serenade 2513P

    Red Beckton Julian GG B571
Sire: Red Buf Crk Romeo L081
    Red Buf Crk Primrose 5679

    Red Glacier Marias 548
Dam: Red Champlain Echeta 8M
    Red Buf Crk Echeta 3071

Date of Birth: August 4, 2004 | Tattoo: RAE 13P
USA semen rights owned by Leachman Cattle of Colorado
Association Database Information

Birth Weight: 76lbs
AWW: 627lbs
WI: 104
AYW: 1272 lbs.
Test data:
End of Test: September 23, 2005/font
Density: 1231/48 = 269
REA/cwt: 14.8/1231 = 1.20
AYW: 627 + (3.91*165) 323 = 1272 lbs.

Ultra Sound Results – Feb. 27, 2006
REA 18.7 Ratio REA/cwt – 18.3/1580 = 1.16
BF 6
IMF 7.87%
Ratio – Fat:IMF 6:7.9
LMY 67
Weight 1540 lbs.
Ht 52 inches
Frame 5
Fat 6.1, same on rib and rump

Our Romeo meat machine!! Yes, both Andreas & Greg spotted this meaty high density calf in the Champlain Bull Test, so took him home.

Sire: Sired by the “Serenade RA #29, Buf Crk Romeo 081, who has been leaving some impressive meat sons, and has sons now working all across in North America’s leading Red Angus breeders herds – Leachman of Colorado, Beiber, Gold Bar, Buffalo Creek, and Beckton. At Bar 5 too !!! Romeo sons excel in marbling and REA, as is 5513.

Dam: His dam is mothered by a good producer who is from the most productive cow family at Champlain, and her full sister is pictured here (http://www.bar5.com/animals/bulls/RedChamplainMarias33k.htm ) , moderate framed, deep bodied and lots of milk.

Eye Appeal: He is smooth made, and super deep. He is well balanced and sound footed. He has a nice head and has that lowest rugged Beef look we demand in our cattle.

Information: AAA on a frame 3.9, 14.8 REA at 1231 lbs. for a 1.2 REA/cwt !! 38 cms. at 13 months old. He is a high density bull at 269, and 326 on Adjusted, the highest we have ever heard of. He will clearly hit the REA goals and carcass goals.

Our end target for our program is what we call the “3-13” program, a 13 month old steer should weigh 1300 lbs. and have a 13 REA. 7 BF and AA-AAA.

This is simply our goal.

5513P hits “The 3-13 Target” !!!!!

BIO EPDs as stated in RAAA equivalent
BW  0  CE 6     WW   43.6    YW 69.1    Milk 19.3    BF .0099   REA .49   IMF.23

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