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Bar 5 P SA EXPERT 826M

                ANDERLAND FIEDEL 85

                KYKSO KALAN
                KYKSO GERDI
                SALERIKA EVAN
                TOVERBERG EMMA

CSA Association Database Information
Semex beef purchases for $38,000

Male BD: Sept. 15, 2002 Fullblood-Polled Full Fleck
CSA # PT 598604 DNA: PCB DC99042
BW: 95 lbs. AWW: 824 lbs.

A Polled Full Fleckvieh from our herd in South Africa. Mother power is the key word here, backed by the awesome Elsa cow. Elsa is a direct maternal line descendent of German imported Eve cow, who is the granddam of Evan and Benz 78, so a large % of SA pedigrees carry her blood. EXPERT’s dam , Erika is a direct daughter of Kalger, who we all know for calving ease, maternal abilities and dark colour. This pedigree contains 100% German blood, all the cows in the back are Imports to SA. Eve appears twice in this pedigree.
The sire, Anderland Matias-Peona, is a polled bull we found in SA, a son of Eldorado out of a Polled Laki cow whose dam is a polled Import from Germany in 1986. This is his first calf crop and we will go back and use more! I first saw this bull in October of 2001 out breeding cows and he was impressive, he is a natural meat bull; so we landed more semen. He has an “E” name to reflect his E sire line genetics.
P SA EXPERT 426M himself BIO tested on Sept. 26, 2003 the pen high rib eye of 15.9, only 4 mm of backfat and AA marbling. He stands on a frame 6.6, pushed the tape to 37.5 cm for his testicles at 12 months of age and weighed 1460 lbs. He is deep, smooth, double goggled and deep sided. He carries black pigment on his right eye, so he has been called a potential non-dilutor – so we were convinced he needed to come to Agribition; it is great to be back! We remember the last Grey Cup in Regina!


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