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Bar 5 Kalgery 402J

                KYKSO KALARI
                KYKSO AMOMI 81
                KYKSO GERLUDO 84

                KAMEELDAM BISMARK 78
                KALKDAM POTT 83
                KALKDAM KLEINNOOI X 78

Bring Out the Best in Your Cows With This Exciting Outcross Sire!!!

Tattoo: CO 402J | Birth Date: Feb 16/99 | Can. Reg.#T518689CN
CSA Association Database Information

Birth Weight: 100 lbs.
205 Day Adj: 783 lbs.
365 Day Adj: 1434 lbs.
Actual Weight at 22 Months of age: 1860 lbs. (Nov 16/00)
Frame Score: 7.1
Scrotal: 36cm (Mar. 2000)
Mature Weight: 2175 lbs (Jan 2001)

Owned by: Ivan Fabio Zurita, Agro Zurita, Brasil & USA – Dr. Bill Moore, Moore Farms, AL

K Line – means pigment, calving ease and good muscle. Excellent well balanced cattle, they will not blow you away but they will more than satisfy you. Breed with Evan blood, H Horex blood, B Bison blood, K Kerl/Ibbie blood and you have the BIG 5 of South Africa. Hell, you all thought the Big 5 were animals, welll, no it is these 5 power bloodlines. We at Bar 5 SA are adding in some E Eder, S Streik, some M Marbot and some G Gold to the mix – but we will not forget the Big 5. Sure, we will breed more, but we will produce cattle with only a shot or two of the Big 5 and let you do the crossing. More on this in other footnotes.

He has worked well beyond our expectations….He is calving ease, pigmentation, muscle and heavy gain bull very typical of his Kator “K” line sire genetics !! His maternal linage is consistent and powerful . His calves have sold well, including a $25,000 calf in the Bar 5 August sale to Indian Creek of Alamba, a $18,000 calf from Moore Farms in the Dollar Diamond Quest for the Best on September 28, 2002, and a $20,000 heifer at Double Bar D in spring 2004. Kalgery is now in Brazil at Agro. Zurita , and he is one of the most famous bulls of Brazil. Limited semen available, it will be sold out this year. Bar 5 Ibbarroo 405J is sold now !!!!

- Kalgery was Circle 3's highest semen sales bull in 2001!
- Kalgery has a balanced build that displays masculinity and muscle.
- His ratio of middle, spring of rib, fullness of hip and stifle expression may be as right as it can be.
- Kalgery also offers a calving ease benefit, reports from breeders rave on this benefit.
- His sire, Kykso Kalger is a leading sire in South Africa.
- Kalgery was the $33,000.00 high selling bull in Bar 5's 1999 Fall Production sale, now owned by Agro Zurita of Brasil, a heifer calf sold for $25,00.00 at the Bar 5 August sale.
- South African Full Fleckvieh. Exportable semen.
- Ultrasound Information Feb 18/00: Marbling - 3.3 Backfat - 4.5mm, REA cm2 - 90.43, Weight adj REA in2 per 100lbs - 1.15% Lean Meat Yield - 65.54
- Malcolm Entwistle's Testimonial: "Best calves we have had born in New Zealand"
- Lee Bergon Testimonial: "Can't beleive how vigorous the calves are!! Had one born and sucking in 3 minutes!!"
- Semen is limited, the bull is now in Brasil.

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