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LCoC Powerball N143

   CSG Elk Blk Pld Keno 26E
Sire: LCC Keno 8008J
   LCC OMC GV F8035

   Sitz Alliance 6595
Dam: LCC EXT J7091
   748 RKS EXT

March 19, 2003 - AGA #: - applied for - Stud Code: 237XX0646 Tattoo: N143N

Owned by:
~ Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado, CO, USA

BW: 76
AYW: 1233
Act. DENSITY: 220
REA/100: 1.04
AWW: 721
EOT: 1103
FRAME: 5.8
WI: 108
Adj. DENSITY: 213
RIB EYE: 14.2

GV Keno on 6595!! Gelbvieh Gardiner bred Angus with Low Frame & Powerful Pedigree!!

Sire Line: LCoC Keno 8008J - Gelbvieh Cow Family: AN - GAR cows

Powerball is a balanced sire that does everything well. He is moderate on birth, above average on growth, and he combines marbling and ribeye.

Genetics - No wonder that he is THE MOST HEAVILY USED SIRE in the 2005 LCoC calfcrop. Powerball is a unique blend of Gelbvieh and Angus. He stacks Keno - one of the highest retail yield sires that we have ever used on top of an Alliance x EXT - true and tried Angus lines.

Eye Appeal - The American Gelbvieh Association, coined the name "Balancer" to refer to the Gelbvieh x Angus cross. The Balancer offers an optimal blend of British and Continental. Leachman Cattle of Colorado uses Powerball over our Simm X females to make multi-breed composites.

Info - Powerball can up the power in your Stabilizer program. Use on half cows to stay there!!

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