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BAR 5 SA MR Powerful 422M


    ERICO 91 66


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Tattoo: CO 422M Reg: 583227
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Distributed for: Circle 3 Genetics Owned by: Paulo Marques, Brazil
Registration no.: T538227 Stud Code: 114SM0626
Born: Jan. 21, 2002 BW: 110 lbs. WW: 808 lbs (adj) YW: 1407 lbs. (adj)
SC: 38.5 cm. FS: 7.5
Carcass: Fat: 5, REA: 14.3, REA/100: 1.03, Density: 188, IMF: 3.85, Marbling: AAA (Feb03) Price: $50.00/straw - 30 + $40.00/straw

Design, genetics, carcass and maturity - Powerful has it all!!

1. Genetics - Moderate top side, with a powerful dam. Pfalzer sire line in a moderate sire Primal, same as the BHR Three Sixes bull. His dam is Siska & full sister is our best cow, 409M; see Bar 5 SA Lady Siska 409M, at Alta Embryo Group from December 2004 to September 2005.

2. Information - 99% for Weaning Gain & 97% for Yearling Gain across all breeds, AYW of 1407 with 38.5 cm. SC. &nuts are his advantages.

3. Eye Appeal - Powerful was the poster boy for two years at Bar 5!! He is well made, but he tried Saskatoon on in a duel in May 2004, and never recovered on his back wheels; as Neil would say, "He ain't so tough now!" Powerful has p igmentation, and lots of it.

Powerful was a member of the Show & Display team

South African, 100% Fleckvieh. Exportable semen.

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