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RDDS FTR Prototype 1541P

   GW Lucky Dice 187H
Sire: RDDS Future Prototype 13M
   C M Merle 777E

   Nichols Legacy G151
Dam: RDDS Ms Legacy 569M
   147 Angus

March 1, 2004 - AAA # 2247636 - Stud Code: 237XX0647

bw: 72 lbs
aww: 702 lbs
ayw: 1345 lbs
adg: 4.02
wpda: 3.47
frame: 4.6
fat: 0.42 inches
rea: 16.75
marbling: 4.29
scrotal: 36.7

Owned by: Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado, CO, USA

BIO ABC’s indicate he is top 3% for Marbling
Simmie sired and Angus mothered on both sides of the Pedigree!! A high marbling Black Stabilizer!!

Sire Line: Lchman Lucky Buck 7049C (Sultan S Fleck Lines of Austria)
Cow Family: AN Cow

What an awesome package of low birth, carcass merit, and early explosive growth!

Genetics - Prototype is a second generation cross that proves that hybrid x hybrid matings work. Prototype's sire is one of the most heavily sampled F1 Simm x Angus bulls in the US.

Eye Appeal - Prototype offers a moderate frame that will produce those moderate sized, fleshy females that stay bred early and bring home big, heavy calves. Deep bodied and just where we want to be in this cow business.

Info - 16.75 REA and 4.29 %IMF on the scan. Moderate framed and High density.
If you've got F1 Simm's that are just right, keep them that way with Prototype. A Leachman owned “Second Cross” Stabilizer - hand picked from the Deiter program in South Dakota. The Deiter’s sell 500 bulls each spring - all Angus Hybrids and most half Simmental - many SX2 - Second Crosses! Look at his Density!!

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