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Red LCC Saskatoon A777L

                RCN DYNAMO 614
                LEACHMAN DUCHESS 6463
                JTL 9004 KING KONG
               PRF ELEANOR L015 5269

                LMAN NONE BETTER 9604
               LMAN WACO 9051
                LEACHMAN MONU 2X 8096
                LEACHMAN BARLEE 3245

100% Red Angus!!!
Tattoo: IMP 777L Birth Date: Jan 19/01 Can. Reg.#1128746
Angus Association Database Information

Distributed for: Brylor Semen Sales & Circle 3 Genetics
Owned by: Bar 5 Stock Farms Ltd.
Registration USA 814875 Stud Code: 114AR0629
BW: 82 lbs. WW: 729 lbs. (adj) YW: 1396 lbs.
Mature Wt.: 2675 lbs. SC: 37.1 cm (1yr) FS: 6.3 Density: 222
Carcass (Apr/02): Rib Eye - 15.0"; Marbling - 4.01% REA/100CWT: 1.07

Price: $60.00/straw - 10 + $50.00/straw

Power on a low frame. He may become the number one performance bull in BIO - Across All Breeds! We at Bar 5 are in awe, our customers, too!

Genetics - Saskatoon has genetics! His sire, King Rob, is the most recognized name in the Red Angus world. His dam is a Second 2 None, Monu 2X bred cow, who has raised a few good ones for Bar SP. Saskatoon is super quite & passes this on in his progeny.

Info & Progeny proofs - AYW of 1396, frame 6.3 for a Density 222, REA ratio - 1.07 . He has breed leading EPD's for YW and Total Maternal traits. His BIO All Breed Comparison %'s will be over the top - he may become the King of Performance in the Reds; h e produced a daughter with a AYW if 1232 lbs.! And his sons are some of Bar 5's highest performers - he has the jam.

Eye Appeal -- Saskatoon has eye appeal! He is rugged, beefy, huge butted and full of meat! All who view him order semen.

"Dynamo" top side sire lines & excellent "Canadian" maternal bottom line; use on "Super Cheif 6's." W e have sold semen the world over for Pure & Cross breeding, his 5,000 semen bank is almost gone. Bar 5 purchased Saskatoon out of t he LCC sale in 2002.

Exportable Semen. View him live at Bar 5!

Purchased by Bar 5 in April 2002 using the model of how we select Simmental breeding sires;
- Frame: we decided to accept no bigger than a low 6,
- 365 day weight of 1400 lbs., we wanted 1400 as a minimum,
- Carcass Values that are impressive against Red Angus breed averages of 13.3 and 3.0,
- Breed leading EPD’s for YW and Total Maternal
- Big Simmental Sized Testicles at 12 months !!!!...

We ended up with One bull in the “Leachman Sale” of April 2002 – so we bought him !!!!!
So here he is- Rugged, beefy and full of meat -- Saskatchewan born, Canadian raised and now Canadian owned. He is now in Markdale, ON! Our first “Red Angus” bull at Bar 5, but he will not be our last. “King Rob”, his sire, is the most recognized name in the Red Angus world !!!!! His dam is a “Second 2 None”, and out of a “Monu 2X”, a well bred cow who has raised a few good ones for the Leachman sales in the past. A little line breeding always ensures genetic superiority if the gene pool is strong, and “Saskatoon” has that also. No matter how you look at him, he is “Loaded for Bear !!!!” And the best news is ?? He even looks better in the hide than on paper !!!! “Saskatoon” semen will be made available world wide from Circle 3 and Bar 5 !!!!!!

Here is what the Leachman crew said about him in their catalogue where he sold as Lot 19:
"When LCC Saskatoon A777L came strutting by us during the lotting process, we wrote in the comments that he was at "twelve o'clock". This big time profile bull has loads of performance and muscle shape to go with his good looks - not to mention great testicles and a moderate 82 BW."

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