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Toverberg Erika

        KYKSO ANOMI 81
        KYKSO GERLUDO 84

        MON-BIJOU PIONA 84
        DAN-JACO ERMA 81

Tattoo: CO 4184J Birthdate: 22 January 1999 CDN Reg. 591167-KN
CSA Association Database Information

Erika is a direct daughter of Kalger, who we all know for calving ease, maternal abilities and dark colour. This pedigree contains 100% German blood, all the cows in the back are Imports to SA. Again, Eve appears in the pedigree twice. Kalger on Evan on Ibbie on Benz – 4 of the Big 5 so breed Erika to H line and bam the power is locked for the Next 10 genetic lines.

Erika has proven she is an Elite Donor the first time out. E Eder line polled ones were highlights in the Fall of 2003. She may be as good as her mother. We have mated to her Streik, Marbot, Prafekt and Gold lines. Yes, we have some H too !! Anyway, she is a world class cow and you can own maternal sisters with the Elsa daughters.

The deep red daughter of ELSA, one of the two E cows we keep in Colesberg, SA. We have flushed her many times and have pregnancies and calves in Canada of her. We also have a daughter of her in SA.

"Yes, for us in South Africa Eve was the starting point of some great cattle but I purchased Eve in 1975 in Germany for the first world congress in 1976 because she was a type of heifer that could represent Germany at a congress but also because she had a great dam in Ernte (and I am sure damline) behind her  - I don't know what happened to Ernte's other calves.  Interesting is that Eve is out of the then top MILK bull Perutz, a son of Prafekt.  Perutz was a frame score 3 (in Fleckvieh language a wither height of only 142cm) but we did not import a lot of semen because he had "too much milk".(Shows you milk Fleckvieh (only Fleckvieh) bulls can also breed beef - Eve's fathers daughters in app 1972 averaged 5700kg/4%  ).  His sire, a frame score 5, was a great bull who bred top hair quality animals and we imported a lot of his progeny.  Although many of them were too spotted for our liking.  Prafekt, bred something, what most breeders today don't understand or cannot see and that is ADEL (German) or nobility in English.  Many German breeders couldn't understand that some of our South African buyers walked in their barn and pointed out all the Prafekt progeny by looking at the animal's face and not on the paper.  Here I refer to head slightly dished between the eyes, prominent thick wrinkled skin around the eyes, with large placid expression eyes and especially the wide, oval and strong mussle which only the Simmentaler (and to a certain extend Brown Swiss) is known for.  What's that got to do with beef production?  Animal's with a quality head have quality written all over them - a pliable loose skin with short glossy hair which is so important in our part of the world and normally goes together with a fine to medium bone structure instead of these heavy bound frame 7+ elephants which is a down fall for any breed in Southern Africa."

With kind regards ..Peter Massmann

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