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Red LCC Selma LA014

100% Red Angus

Tattoo: IMP 014L | Birth Date: Apr 21/01 | Can. Reg.#1147757
Association Database Information

                RED BUF CRK CHIEF 092-824
          RED BUF CRK CHF 824-1658
                    BFLO CRK CARIE VC473
                    RED BUF CRK CHEROKEE 1431
          RED MRM 1431 8611 9109
                    RED MRM 8454 8219 8611

                    COPPER TOP CHIEF 301
          RED LEACHMAN RED TOP 8658
                    LEACHMAN MARGE 7045
                    RED LEACHMAN STAMNA 3928
          RED LEACHMAN SELMA 7112
                    RED LEACHMAN SELMA 3387

Our lead Red Angus Donor female who was the heaviest heifer in the April 2002 Leachman sale, had an 82 Y EPD, and a AYW of 1138 lbs. Sired by "Cherokee CNYN 4912", the new sensation in the US Angus business, having EPD's in the top 4% of the breed. The long line of Cow Families behind this lady assure that she will breed on with predictability. We went to Leachman to buy a super donor and she was our pick of almost 200 Red Angus yearling heifers. We have good luck flushing her and will retain a couple of daughters in the Bar 5 cowherd.

Well, the first AR calf of Selma, we sold from Bar 5 AR went to Brylor Ranch, Brian & Sherry Mackenzie, the nation’s most dynamic Red breeder. Thank you Brian.
Selma keeps her condition and is just an easy doing cow; we are proud her first production went to Brylor in Pincher Creek, AB. Well, we have a full sister we will keep and breed back to Branded Beef; power on power on power !!!!

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